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Make Your Website Visible and Grow With the Best SEO Company in India

Within two words you cannot define exactly what is ‘Internet Marketing’. The closest description would be that it enables a business to be visible online and accompany it throughout its journey to reach more and more audience and potential clients. Internet marketing is so vast and there are so many elements involved that it is best for a company to hire an SEO Company which will make targets attainable rapidly. The SEO business in India is blooming and a quick search will bring you hundreds of websites offering SEO services in India but, the big question is which is that one service provider which will not make your money go to waste. Introducing Design and Rank: one of the best SEO Company in India! Our expertise remains unmatched which is proven by the fast turnaround time in which we can make a site reach the top by using the right keywords. We do not believe in luck or magic, we just know what it takes to make it work and do our level best to make your company reach greater heights.

Who is in need of SEO Services?

The answer is any website but the one who needs it the most are the ones which derive income or are planning to derive income from their websites.

Does your company have the following attributes? :

  • Your are launching a new product and people are not aware of it
  • The traffic of your website is on the downwards trend and your website’s ranking is underrated
  • Google updates has just hit you just because your previous SEO service provider was not efficient (refer to our special service: Google penalty removal services)
  • You are confused about your ranking or you have doubts whether you are ranking for the wrong keywords

If the above points are relevant to your business then put an end to it by seeking the best SEO service provider in India: Design and Rank! Give us a call at any time convenient to you to set up an appointment with a project manager specially appointed for you.

SEO Services to get Organic Traffic & more Conversions

Why should you go for SEO services in India?

The blatant reason is that you get the best of both world meaning you get the quality of the western world at the rate of the eastern world. One of the best attribute of the SEO aspect is that customer and client can have the liberty of not being in the same area code or even continent. This goes without saying that all which is needed is a good connection.

Elements which make up a great SEO service is excellent technical expertise, analytics analysis and any other traits needed for troubleshooting online issues.  Putting your trust in Design and Rank will enable you to have the quality you need along with a tag price which will fatten your wallet.

Help us help you by setting up a date for a demo! Get quote

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SEO Services Company in India

But I don’t even have a Website

Professional Website Design Services by Design and Rank

I need a website to start with

That’s fine, we are ready to help you with that. Design and Rank offers complete web design and web development solutions for customers. We will create visually appealing website and complete it with all the latest functions you need, from fully responsive design to Geo-targeted contents.

  • Fully functional responsive web design to fluidly adjust for every display device.
  • Every on-page SEO factor taken care of so SEO becomes child’s play for you.
  • Web development on all leading platforms, WordPress, HTML5, Magento, Joomla and others
  • Specialised web development for different niches, news, ecommerce, marketplace, blog, hobby and more…
  • Best in the class after sales service, building the website is just the beginning, not the end

Design and Rank is decidedly the best web design and development agency, but why??!! You can know more about our USPs, give us a call now and we can discuss those.

The website is ready…now how do I get to the top of the ranking? Click here and watch the magnificent take off of your website swiftly.

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Content Marketing and Social Media Optimization

Design and Rank offers SMO and Content Marketing par excellence

  • Content Marketing: The time and age is of content, from being a king-maker, content has become the king itself. Don’t make the mistake of thinking content is only text. Content can be anything in Web 2.0, audio, video, infographics and more. We have the most talented content producers, animators, designers, videographers who will spend time to understand your motive, purpose and message and then produce the most compelling design.
  • Social Media Marketing: These contents are no good until they are taken to the public. Our champion social media strategists will share them on different social network, targeting the most appropriate demography. Once done, we will send you the detailed reports on how your contents are performing and how they are being consumed, shared or liked. And, we will, most importantly, bring these users to your site for increased revenue.

Design and Rank is rated as the most reputed content Marketing and Social Media Marketing agency in India. To learn about our past success stories, get in touch with us today!

Do you want to get to the top quick and fast and are willing to spend for that as well? We have the perfect solution for you!

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Content Marketing Services offering by Design and Rank

Pay Per Click with High Conversion Traffic

Pay per Click Optimisation (from Design and Rank obviously!)

Our Monsieur, your specially tailored Paid campaign optimisation is here, brought to you by the agency who is the trendsetter for all, Design and Rank.

    • We have you covered for every type of paid campaign, pay per click (PPC), Pay per Aquisition (PPA), Pay Per View (PPM) and even the tricky pay per conversion or the highly targeted Remarketing ads.

  • Google or Bing or Both? We have certified project managers who will take care of your campaign, irrespective of the search network. We efficiently optimise paid campaigns on both the channels.

  • Dedicated account managers are allotted to each client. Every PPC manager from Design and Rank are certified by both search engines and understand the mechanisms way too well.

Why do we claim to be the best? Of course, when you have the best recipe, the best ingredients and the best chefs, the soup (or the curry!) would be great as well. We have the most balanced mix of youthful vitality, the poised experience and keen analytical acumen. Of course, we are the best! Sprinkle our polite and mannered customer handling and impeccable after-sales service and the best service which money can buy is yours!

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Pay Per Click Management Services offering by Design and Rank

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When The Clients Speak Like This, Do We Need To Add?

Every website you visit on the internet is screaming how they are the best...we simply desist such banalities. We would rather let our customers speak about us so you can judge us from their words, not our own. Have a look at what our clients have to say….and yes these versions are completely verifiable.

  • "I would like to thank the staff at ACSIUS for their professionalism and great work in assisting me get better Google page ratings and increased inquiries/order over the last 3 months. They have gone beyond my expectations. I could honestly say I was somewhat concerned dealing with an overseas company but with the attention to details and the results received to date I can thoroughly recommend ACSIUS to any potential business looking for a SEO company to take care of all their needs."

    testimonial Joe, CEO
  • Finding a first rate web designer is challenging for any business and it was nice to finally have a web designer who was prompt with feedback as well as completing the work in a timely manner. Aside from the great team at Acsius I am glad to have personally worked with Arun, the genius behind the company, who has totally redefined the levels to which customer satisfaction can be taken to. We continue to use ACSIUS Technologies to manage our site updates, and to create new features...

    testimonial Arinze Uzo - Head, Marketing lastprice

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