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Web development is not about hurriedly combining few codes, it’s about the perfect synergy of the design elements and the undercover coding to create a user experience which facilitates the ultimate goal behind building the website. Our web development services India is offered not as a solution but as a mean to reach the ultimate goal of the website, Whether revenue, information sharing, facilitation or simply online fame is the target, Design and Rank will build a website which has a positive effect on the target.

Equally proficient in every type of web development, we offer various popular web development services India and cater to the different needs of our clients who build websites for different purposes. Moreover, we have catered to businesses from different countries and different domains, making us a versatile web development company India. Catch a glimpse of the same in our “Happy Clients” page!

Web Development

Bringing skilful coding and logical reasoning together, Design and Rank offer the most brilliant web development services India. Catering to the demands of the most finicky customers and coping up with the modern architectural changes, we are continuously building websites which fulfil the needs behind building it.

E-commerce Development

Take your product to the global customers, sell to every corner of the world. Design and Rank build ecommerce websites and portals for every customer. Complete security, easy product management for you and easier check out process for your customers, Design and Rank is the only web development company India which offers all.

Content Management System

Upload content, image, videos and infographics by yourself and reduce dependency on web design companies. Beautiful designs, amazing supports, super-easy back-end and all the features available at one click, Design and Rank offers the most adaptable CMS website development services in India. Easy deployment, easy maintenance.

Develop Web Applications

Apps are not limited to mobiles anymore. Build web applications for computers and get started with the PC app movement of Windows 10. Design and Rank is one of the earliest web development companies in India to offer web application development. Using cloud infrastructure, SaaS and instant availability, our web applications is totally futuristic.

Design and Rank is a Complete Web Development Company India

Ecommerce Development

Develop a site which doesn’t only look good but allow you to sell easily. Our ecommerce sites have easy back-end so you can easily add/ remove products, change product descriptions, offer special discounts & more.

Personal Web Development

We will develop a site for you which can be maintained by one man, just like you want. Doesn’t mean there will be any dearth of features. Easily upload contents, update your website and track visitors on your personal blog.

CMS Web Development

WordPress, Joomla or HTML5; choose your CMS platform and we will build you a dynamic website which can deliver all the contents to your visitors easily. Completely responsive design and easy maintenance guaranteed.

Social Network Web Development

Build a thriving community for the netizens using our web development services. Design and Rank will create sites which offer easy integration with online services, all the latest features, easy user registration & more.

Online Forums Development

A streamlined approach to a lean and feature-rich online forum for discussion. Easily integrated with popular social media, modern features laden and completely made-easy maintenance and administration.

Online Marketplace Development

Build the next Amazon or eBay with Design and Rank. Our online marketplace allows easy seller registration, easy product add or removal, change descriptions, offer discounts and track complete user activities.

Responsive, Fast, Flat and easily Navigational Websites Gets 60% more User Transactions.

They rank better on Google as well.

Build such websites easily with Design and Rank

What Made us the Most Preferred Web Development Company India

Whether it is our quality of work which we never compromise or our timely delivery or our amazing customer support 24*7, we don’t know. But these are the major suspects in our meteoritic growth as the leading web development company India. We have clients from USA, UK, Europe, Dubai and Middle-east Asia and other parts of the world, including Nigeria. If these prove a thing, then we have proved ourselves as the best choice website development service in India.

Equally efficient in HTML5, Responsive web development, platforms like Magento, Joomla, WordPress and others, Design and Rank will deliver a bespoke solution for you every time. Choose from our hundreds of popular frames or build your own wire-frame, Design and Rank is the only place you will ever need to visit.

We also offer content creation, image and graphics design, logo design and even digital marketing so your complete digital solution is called, Design and Rank.

Invest in Web Development Services; It’s not an Expense

Professional Web Development Services India will lead to professional looking website. Professional looking website leads to consumer trust which leads to better business. That is what you want, that is why you should ‘invest’ in trustworthy web development company India. Design and Rank will also deliver support whenever you need it, with whatever you need. Professionalism pays off.

Build a website to strengthen your online presence and earn rich dividends from your investment when your website development agency India is called Design and Rank.

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