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SEO Services India

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What to know about SEO?

This is a fact: most of the traffic on your website is driven by search engines. Search Engine Optimization is the art of arranging your website and its surrounding to be displayed by search engines naturally i.e. without paying them to do it.
Search engine marketing is the opposite solution of SEO as money is given to search engines. Contact us today to design a strategy to reach your business goals.

What do SEO Services give you?

With the Internet technology making advancements beyond expectations, businesses have come to realize the significance of using the SEO basics to raise their visibility and reach out to the target audience more effectively. However, it is unfortunate that only handful of SEO agencies are actually able to make the most of SEO techniques and implement businesses’ website in the right way. If you review a few blogs and sites, you will realize that there’s a lot of misconception regarding the SEO strategies and techniques.

What does SEO do? SEO is an incredible tool to improve website traffic. When rightly used, it can add spur to your business and enable you to attain sky-rocketing profits. It is the process of analyzing individual web pages and entire sites, so that the search engines can discover, analyze and index them. To better understand this, you must know that nearly 85% of the entire web traffic come from the search engines alone, while the remaining few originate from other selected sources.

You may have a wonderful site and a great product or service to sell, but unless your company has a strong online presence, they are of no use. If you are unable to secure a place among the Top 10 search results of the major search engines then you’re actually losing unimaginable amounts of money to your competition each day!

Why hire us as a Search Engine Optimization Company?

At Design and Rank, SEO Services Company India, we are committed to make your website gain more visibility so that your target audience finds you easily. With our well-designed and time-tested SEO strategies and techniques, we will optimize the entire website or individual web pages with the right keyword phrases to enable you to attain a high organic ranking.

How do we provide? Our Search Engine Optimization experts perform in-depth keyword analysis for your specific industry niche and devise strategies to make your website rank higher. We are committed to help you outshine your competition and get a secure place above your competitors on all major search engines.

Know more about keywords and Latent Semantic Indexing.

A clear SEO strategy articulated around the best keywords

SEO is not mysterious but relies on steady principles. This is why every full SEO strategy should follow the unique scheme. We like SEO to be crystal-clear and we show up front the SEO process we follow.

Upon a precise set of keywords, search engines display in the result page what they consider as the most relevant websites. Therefore the keywords are the pillars of the SEO process. While you are the best person to provide us with accurate keywords,we are your safeguard against over precision, ensuring your keywords are the best i.e. wide enough and the ones people are actually entering in the query box of search engines.

When competition is tough, a quick peek at few of your strongest competitors will tell us right away what that have done to be so strong and what we should do to make you stronger!

On Page optimization

When search engines furiously screen through millions of websites, they really have to make the visit short on each web page.

On Page Optimization is all about scattering relevant information where they look. The outcome is to ensure that your web page is perceived immediately as a reference for the set of keywords chosen and is worth being displayed high in the result page.

Concretely, we master the art of using smartly keywords in titles, descriptions and quality content.

On Page Optimization is also here to emphasize the quality of the website by making sure of its compliance to search engines’ recommendations with alt-tags and sitemap.

Off Page optimization

The first goal of Internet was to exchange information. There is no doubt that this initial objective is still alive nowadays.

Because accuracy is extremely hard to evaluate, search engines give credit to people’ opinion and they use popularity of websites as an index of quality.  It is indeed very likely that good websites are talked about.

The particular SEO techniques that aim to boost this online visibility is the Off Page Optimization. We put all our energy in promoting website from far using multiple strategies such as article submission, blog marketing, blog/forum commenting, Search engine submission, social media bookmarking, photo sharing, video marketing, business reviews, social networking, press release promotion, classifieds, document sharing, web 2.0, one-way or two-way link building.

SEO Consulting

If you are looking for help to design a SEO strategy that is suitable for your business, we are also here to advise. Design and Rank can be only a SEO Consultant Company if this is what you need.

SEO Outsourcing

The load work of your SEO agency comes and goes according to market, this is why we offer SEO Outsourcing to help you pass any SEO rush. If you are simply looking for saving money and hassle with temporary employment.

SEO Plans & Packages

SEO plans arise from years of expertise in SEO. Start SEO with SEO packages they are the best way to go to save money.



This phase involves intense market research to see what is the competitor’s edge. Design and Rank looks at your current exposure, strengths and weaknesses within the media spectrum to get a birds eye view of where you are and where you could be.


This phase involves working the plan consistently and sticking closely to the project plan.


This Phase Involves Drumming Up Various Solutions To The Current Problems Within Your Platform Scope. After close an analysis Of The Options A Decision Will Be Made To Move Forward With A Series Of Techniques.


This phase involves evaluating effectiveness. Each and every action will have a response congruent to the goals of the overall strategy or not. If not, changes will be made to align up with desired results.




Contact our sales representatives at for your SEO and other website needs and select a plan that works with you!  No lock-in contracts here!


We understand the process of building websites and mobile applications can be complicated to the common man. But through our expertise and solution-driven model, together we can effectively achieve your goals. Here is what is important for award winning SEO.

SEO Services

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