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Responsive Website Design

Responsive Design

While the world is turning mobile, are you still stuck with your old, backdated static site? Or, you are new to this arena and have no idea about website designs? In either cases, just know Responsive Web Design is the present and the future of websites.

Have you noticed how many different smartphones, tablets and laptops are available nowadays, each with its own odd screen size? Will you present your website to each of these websites similarly? Of course, NO. Moreover, you can not design a website for each device as they are diverse and more to come as the technology advances. What is the solution then? What is the way to cater each device equally well? Your answer is Responsive Web Design.

What is Responsive Web Design (RWD) ?

Responsive web design is the new way to build your website so that the site can respond to different gadgets accessing it and realign the contents to use the available screen-space most suitably. The layout of your website changes according to the dimension of the gadget’s screen. A phone which has a much narrower screen might show your contents in one column while another tablet with wider screen might display it in two columns.

Another target of responsive design is to enable better user experience as it eliminates the need to horizontal scrolling. You can easily check the whole website using your thumb only. 

The HTML code is the same, however the CSS code, which is responsible for how your website looks, does a fine trick and makes your website friendly toward every device accessing it. No need to code for each device repeatedly! Using proportion-based grids, responsive design will realign your website, down to the character level to serve each device. Even the images will be resized to fit the screens!!

Who Can Make My Site Responsive?

Anybody with enough experience, expertise and resourcefulness can do the job for you.

At Design and Rank, we take pride in having all three qualities mentioned. You will not be our first client, we already have a long list of happy clients with us. We have served clients from different domains successfully. Be it a newspaper or a website selling hair styling gel, we worked with same passion for each of them.

Each of our designs are tested on hundreds of devices. While we check the design on iPhone, iPad, Kindle, dozens of Android phones, netbooks, laptops, desktop computers, Blackberry phones; we also try them on hundreds of other models virtually. After a thorough check, we deliver the end product.

Which Services Are Included?

Everything! You don’t need to look for anyone else as our Responsive design packages are all inclusive.

We will

          • Design the website layout.

          • Code the personalised features.

          • Do the graphic designing.

          • Handle database-driven applications.

          • Build location-based mobile accessing.

          • Integrate presentations, social media and more for mobile devices.

In short, we will create just one website for you and you will be catering to millions of users, without any discrimination, irrespective of what gadget they use, PC, laptop, mobile or tablet.

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