Vital Things People Generally Don’t Know About SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often termed as a complicated process. There are various components to it and the best practices are something that tends to change from time to time. Adding to the fact that Google updates its algorithm frequently and tends to cause ranking shifts to a great extent. These indeed create a lot of problems for those of digital marketers. In addition, the leading online search engine is also popular for introducing several new technologies from time to time aiming to give users a new search experience. This also makes the lives of SEO professionals even more complicated and they need to overcome a learning curve to serve their clients in a proper way.

Though there are various misinformation in terms of what it takes actually to rank a page in organic search results. Here are some important things about most of the people who generally don’t understand about SEO.

Larger is most favourable in many cases for big terms

In some niches, Google generally favors those of bigger brands that already earned a growing popularity in the market. If you are on the way of launching an ecommerce online portal selling women’s t-shirts, you may definitely find a huge difficulties in raking on the first page of search engine result pages for the search keyword ‘women’s t-shirts.’

Do you have any ideas about its exact reasons? You can see here who’re enjoying the top position.

Google generally favors

Well, excluding the sponsored ads, you will notice some big names that include Oldnavy, ASOS, Nordstorm, Amazon, Next and Newlook. This is enough to indicate that you have to work hard to gain a top position in the SERPs. The search engine optimization generally favors those brands that are big and already popular among buyers over those of startups.

Meanwhile, this doesn’t mean you should lose your hope. First and foremost, you should optimize for your own brand name. Once you became successful in gaining reputations in the market in your space, people can still easily find your site by searching for your name. Also you can get the options of running some paid ads. Though these ads may be expensive, it can deliver some fantastic results. All you need to do is to make selection of keywords properly and do the right biddings.

Websites are broken into different segments

The reality is that you are not trying properly to rank your site well. You are only trying to rank your pages within a site. Unless you get your site that is a just single landing page, then ranking a page and also a site are not the same thing. It is indeed more likely that you get various segments of your sites that include home page, blog, contact page, price, and other pages. On the other hand, big brands are blessed with different structures that generally break the sit into different sections such as Men, Women, Kids and more.

Some of these segments are indeed more valuable compared to those of others. For instance, you are probably not keen to rank your contact form. On the other hand, you indeed wish to rank the content on your blog. You can in fact focus on ranking pages that will definitely reel in those of potential customers from the SERPs.

You may be interested to rank for a couple of terms

You may in fact think that to be highly stressful in SEO, you need to rank for dozens of search terms in the top three positions. This is not necessarily the case. Moreover, those who are in a micro-niche or your target market is indeed very narrow.

Changing and highly competitive content marketing strategies

Everyone is most probably heard the term ‘content is king’. This is the reason why you must be at the top of your game if it is a matter of inbound marketing. You can in fact invest the right amount of time and money into keyword research and then you can hire the best and also a highly efficient writers and then update your blog with a great consistency. And put some great efforts to create attention-seeking headlines.

Early adoption is of course rewarding

Google is popular for releasing some latest technologies from time to time. Some of these technologies can be indeed highly helpful for you to rank in the SERPs. This can be a rewarding factor for those of early adopters. Early starters must be able to take a close look at AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). This is said to be an open minded project that is backed by the search engine enabling webpages to load lighting fast on a mobile platform. Moreover, your AMP pages can certainly appear at the top of your mobile search results in carousel format.


Search engine optimization is perfect to be used for different global markets

You may probably know that you can easily rank your site in different countries as well. If your products or services get appreciations by people from different countries, you should optimize your site keeping in mind of those of international audiences. You can do this by offering a country-specific domain. For instance, if you are targeting people residing in Singapore, you can use Singapore specific domain e.g. .sg. Besides, your content must be different for Singapore and other countries. In other words, you must write your content in their native languages.

There are many ways to be noticed in Google results

People generally know that only way to rank in Google is just by creating backlinks and also using on-site SEO so that a page generally ends up a high in the SERPs as much as possible. Meanwhile, there are some other ways of gaining visibility and visitors as well from the SERPs. For instance, you can enhance the popularity of your brand by just getting into Google’s Knowledge Graph. The other way of getting benefit is with use of Structured Data Markup mainly to display those of rich snippets.

There are some different specialities in SEO 

SEO is said to be a broad online marketing channel that includes a handful of niche disciplines. There are SEO specialists specialized in link building, technical SEO, local SEO, content marketing, international SEO and many more. And the best thing about them is each requires completely different skill sets.

There are some other search engines also beside Google

It goes without saying that Google is a leading online search engine. But, other search engines also exist and most of the SEO practitioners generally avoid using them. Bing is a chief competitor of Google and YouTube, and then Amazon. So, when you are optimizing your content assets, always ensure you consider a wide spectrum of search engine existing online. Moreover, where you select to concentrate your optimization efforts generally depends on your goals online.