How to Optimize YouTube Video

YouTube video has now become the most convenient way to get maximum views. This videos if get viral, helps to get your brand name to get a good fame. But the view completely depends on how it is optimized and few tips which makes the videos get maximum views. The whole process is of finding various way outs to drive the traffic towards your website.  This will help you have more customer views which will increase your traffic. Adding video is not all, it also includes what searches and tags you add to it. The data you add with it makes your video get more exposure.

What are main areas you need to concentrate to increase the optimization:

  • The description of the video
  • The tags added to it
  • The title of the video
  • The related tile of that video
  • Content for the video

The title of the video

The title should be catchy, and it must well describe the video. Search for the best key words to enhance your title. Have proper keywords which will help your video to get featured in similar keyword search used by viewers.

Description of the video

Get an ideal description of the video, it must have the relative terms which can well describe the video. The keywords must be repeated at least 3times and the description must be of three lines at least. But the complete description must not be over burdened with key words it must properly describe the whole fact.


Tags are to be used extremely cautiously. It must be have well connectivity. Tags must always be relative and relevant. Choose words which are in trend. Keep the tag in quotation marks. You can use tags with words used in old videos this can bring your video in the same page of the search. This whole process really helps to enhance the views of your videos.

Links for your videos

Link your video with your website. This link will help viewers to know more about your company. Address in this sort of way that “find out more in details about the product from at” and then attach your website link.

Transcribed videos

Videos which are attached with closed caption files get more views on regular basis. This helps the video to rank high.


Make your video to be a part of playlist as that will help you to get more time on page and Google will add next video to your video, which will start playing after your video is over.

Get it viral

To make your video viral you need to link the video to various social sites which can increase the traffic.

Always make sure to have the Meta data proper for your video, which includes description, tag, title, subtitle, thumbnails, and closed captions. To attract people from all region try to add translated description of various languages, so that people from all corners of the world can understand your video. Have a good quality video, which can be lovely watching and follow the rules, rest will happen easily!

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