Google is Removing Content Keyword Feature, John Mueller

Google announces to remove content keyword feature from Search Console. John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst, Google Switzerland, revealed that Google is removing its feature like content keyword from Search Console. Earlier, when Search Console still called Webmaster Tools – Content Keyword feature was helpful in observing what Googlebot found when it crawled any site. Besides, it was also useful to observe the search engine was capable of crawling your pages, or if the site was hacked.


John Mueller also said that keywords listing in content keyword feature can be quite confusing for users. So, Google has decided to remove such feature to give a new experience to users.

Meanwhile, users will be able to check any page of their websites and also see how fast Googlebot fetches it. Besides, Search Analytics also clearly reflect which keywords have reflected your site in search for, and Google then makes you aware of different types of hacks.

He stated that every single word on your website is still important for Google as it helps search engine in understanding of your page. Our system has gotten better, they can’t read your mind, you must be clear about your site and also what you would prefer to be appeared for. You must have enough words to tell your visitors about speciality of your products and services.