Google Introduces Mobile Hotel and Airline Search Tools

After keeping a view of changing behaviour of users and growing numbers of mobile users, the leading online search engine Google is set to introduce a range of flight search and mobile hotel tools. It enables users to filter the hotel search results in terms of ratings or costs. Google claims that the new search tool can respond to precise queries like cheap hotels in New York under $300.


The new tool is only for mobiles users who can also see some latest deal labels when a room cost is below traditional price levels. This is indeed quite similar to a feature that Google previously provided with desktop hotel search outcomes. The company can also offer various money-saving hotel tips and guidelines. This can in fact appear on the basis of your travel at flexibility.

Besides, Google is also planning to offer airfare price tracking. Users can easily track several changes on some specific routines, schedules and airlines. Those of travel searchers will then easily get email alerts and also Google Now notifications in case price increases or decreases significantly. The new changes will take place in the US first, then it will roll out across the world.