Initially created in 2010 by Arun Singh, ACSIUS started officially in January 2012.

In less than a year, ACSIUS became a leading full service Internet marketing agency. Through search engines, social media, content remodeling and website tweaks, ACSIUS helps companies grow on the Internet.

ACSIUS is proudly featuring affordable services to allow every business owner to start an Internet marketing campaign, regardless the size of his/her company. Yes, ACSIUS believes you do not need to be a VIP to get a special treatment.

ACSIUS is growing fast but stays focused on each client. ACSIUS, this is about 30 young and dynamic Internet specialists who target one single objective, improving website traffic. They achieve this unique goal using a clever step-by-step combination of online marketing tools such as SEO, social networks and content creation. They use a proven methodology to achieve success at a pace that assures safety.

So far, this team has optimized sites for more than 1200+ clients, improving ranking, traffic and leads & designed their websites. It must sound very boastful to say that we are the best at what we do, so check out our portfolio and testimonials to see who are our clients and what they have to say about us. Send us a Message
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