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Design and Rank maintain its top rating even after 9+ years in this fiercely fought for the industry. With 97.6% client satisfaction,
we are the top rated SEO company India. We offer the whole buffet of services.

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One SEO Company India to Vouch For

Design and Rank maintain its top rating even after 9+ years in this fiercely fought for the industry. With 97.6% client satisfaction,
we are the top rated SEO company India. We offer the whole buffet of services.

Are you looking for an SEO Company to take your website to the top? Stop looking; you are at your destination. Design and Rank is the trusted source of high-performing SEO in India. We have changed the fortune of many companies through pour digital marketing in India and abroad. Our clients are spread all over the world, USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Thailand and much more.

Our SEO in India is coupled with relevant services like PPC, email marketing, social media optimisation and even the niche services like online video marketing or online reputation management and even Google penalty removal services to make us a complete SEO Company India.

We employ white-hat techniques which keeps your website safe from various Google Updates or manual penalty from Google. Moreover, our SEO projects are handled by Google certified professionals who know how to mix and match different SEO techniques to get the maximum result from your SEO India campaign.

SEO Company India

Best SEO Company India

Good SEO companies get good result, the Best SEO company gets the best result. Welcome to Design and Rank , only if you want the best performance from your SEO campaigns. Reshaping the online fortune of companies from around the world, we achieved the tag of the best SEO Services India quite effortlessly.We have a holistic approach to SEO, we don’t believe in selling packages. Rather, this SEO agency India sells solutions; solutions which will enhance your search engine ranking in the long run. Thus, we employ all the SEO techniques in the book, organic SEO, PPC, email marketing, display advertisement, online reputation management and more. When in our hands, your SEO campaign receives the most balanced diet. Indeed, it takes a lot to become the trusted SEO Company India for hundreds of clients.

As the chosen SEO Services India for hundreds of customers, we have learned that SEO is not only about ranking enhancement, SEO also means earning the trust of the consumer so that he would convert from a visitor to a buyer. We understand SEO better than others. Else, we couldn’t have achieved the remarkable result for hundreds of our clients. Our SEO managers are Google certified, the executives are diligent and we offer a 24*7 Client Assistance service.

SEO is not getting rank for a website, SEO is understanding the need of the website owner, taking the brand to the world and helping people to make an informed choice. We strongly believe in ethical SEO practices and employ Google certified professionals to take care of your campaign. Unethical SEO practices, risky methods or shortcut to success are strictly banned practices in Design and Rank.

Digital Marketing evolves faster than any other online technology. To rank prominently, across search engines, on all target locations, and for all major keywords, you need to cope up with these changes. Outpace, outrank and outsmart your competitors using SEO Company India from Design and Rank.

And Yes, the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing your SEO to India is always there!

You will not find these in another SEO Company in India

Design and Rank provides SEO in India as a means to an end, not just another service. We take extraordinary measures to ensure that our clients receive what they pay for.

  • Step 1: A complete SEO service in India which includes organic SEO, content marketing, link cleanup and more.
  • Step 2: Projects are handled by Google certified managers only. Your projects are top priority for us because if you grow, we grow and vice versa.
  • Step 3: We employ white-hat SEO techniques, exclusively. We understand the risk of black-hat SEO, Google updates and Google penalties and never engage in those.
  • Step 4: Experience taught us the best SEO in India. Nowhere else this knowledge can come from. We have earned it by staying true to our mission, for over a decade.
  • Step 5: We don't need to tie you with a legal contract. The performances of our SEO India campaigns are enough to convince you to be our long-time growth partner.
  • Step 6: We offer SEO services in your local language whether it is French, Italian, German, Arabic or Chinese! We have worked for companies from Europe, Arab countries and far east Asia with high success rate. It’s totally verifiable.

Competitor Analysis is the Key

This is actually the SWOT analysis of your campaign. Your services and USP, your competitors and their campaigns, untapped opportunities or easy ranking, everything is found out in this first stage of our SEO India campaign.

  • Website Analysis: We check the website, for the services and products you offer, how you offer and to whom you offer. Once we understand your brand positioning, we know what you want from our SEO India campaign.
  • Keyword Research: Now, we find the keywords which describe your offerings closely. But we also ensure that these keywords have high conversion rate and less competition.
  • Competitor Analysis: What your competitors are up to? What’s their secret recipe? What are they concentrating on? Which methods are they sticking to? We find out all using paid tools. Don't worry, it's all legit.
SEO Services India
SEO Services SEO India

OnPage SEO Strategy

Charity and SEO, both begin at home. Thus, we get the website ready for Google bot and real users. There are several steps involved in it and we are thorough.

  • Technical SEO: We check the URL pattern, keyword mapping, silo, robot text file and many other deeply technical aspect of SEO to ensure the success of SEO India campaign.
  • Content Optimisation: Using fresh, informative, engaging and value-laden content is the key to customer happiness. Not surprisingly, this is also the key to Google bot happiness. We ensure freshly written contents for every page with optimum keyword density.
  • Image Optimisation: Compressing the image and by adding a proper description, ALT tags and fetching them faster from the server, we make the page load faster and also help Google to understand what the page is all about, key to a better ranking.
  • Metadata Optimisation: We optimise the metadata of EVERY PAGE manually because we believe this is critical to mission success. Our expert SEO managers check each page manually and with premium tools so that the meta title, meta keywords or meta tags are in the right place and optimised for SEO.
  • Blog Optimisation: We optimise the blog by creating fresh blogs and publishing them with proper keywords. We also link-back from the blog to the inner pages for link juice. Obviously, we optimise the blog using Yoast SEO.
  • Responsive/Mobile Optimisation: We check the website for responsiveness and fix the issues for mobile display so that it loads fast and beautifully on every device.

Offpage SEO Strategy

Once we are ready on the home front, we go for extensive link earning. People call it link building, but our SEO India campaign depends on earning links naturally because you cannot ‘build’ links are high profile websites, you need to earn it.

  • Content Marketing: We use articles, blogs, press releases, classified and descriptions along with forum participation or blog commenting to create links which will last for a long time. We build links naturally, at a decent pace, so nothing is suspicious to Google. Moreover, each link is from high quality websites where not every SEO company from India can earn links from.
  • Outbound Linking: We also offer outbound links from our blogs and sometimes from the webpage because Google loves citations. We use just the right number of outbound links so that Google is happy without us losing our clients to another site.
  • Link Hedging: Don't put all your eggs or links in one basket. We diversify the link profile and earn links from different websites, forums, blogs and even social media channels so even if one source is taken down, we are always safe.
  • Link Removal: If you are a victim of an incompetent SEO company in India, you might have gathered useless and potentially harmful links. We take a systematic and methodical approach to remove these links from those web properties. If nothing happens, we always have the Google Disavow Tool.
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SEO India

In-depth analysis & Report

Where is the campaign heading? What is my ROI? What improvement have we seen since starting the campaign? Don't worry; we have all the answers ready for you.

  • Monthly Meeting: We sit with every client for a dedicated two hours at the beginning of every month to discuss last month's performance, the future roadmap and to listen to what the client has to say about his SEO India campaign. Your ideas are taken seriously and all your questions are answered.
  • Detailed Report: Do you love to crunch the numbers and know everything about your campaign? We offer detailed monthly report which includes present keyword ranking, improvement, expenses, link profile and future roadmap.
  • Major Highlights: Don't have the time for all those above? Don't worry, we also offer the highlights from the last month’s activity for the busy business owners so that you can know everything quickly and concentrate back on your business.
  • 24*7 Support: Don't want to wait for the monthly meet? You have a dedicated project manager who is available almost round the clock (except for his biological needs, of course!) and you can approach him via mail, chat or Skype whenever you want.

Design and Rank: Best SEO Company in India

We can write essays on why we are the highest rated SEO Company in India.
However, we believe these short points will suffice.

SEO Services India

We have worked with hundreds of clients and maintain 98% success rate for 10 years.


Our SEO Packages are affordable and deliver quality. Even bespoke packages are available.


We always come up with newer ideas to boost your ranking, before our rivals can manage.


We are always available on call, message, chat or email when our clients need us.


All our managers and most of our executives are Google certified, giving you the best service.


We are always alert and proactive. We react before the debacle happens and ride the wave quickly.

Unique Advantages of Doing SEO in India

We know that you know. Still, we wanted to remind you quickly.
India is the SEO capital of the world and for good reasons.

Cost Cutting

Even the best SEO company in India charges you less than half of our UK/USA counterparts.

Excellent English

Indians speak English as their 2nd language and writing or communicating in English is never an issue.

Matching Hours

We work during your office hours for best collaboration and result for your SEO India campaign.

No Contracts

Our magic lies in our performance, so we don't put you under any legal. Free, but will you go?

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These clients loved our service and when we asked they were more than happy to vouch for us.
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